Founded in 1995, nexgentec identified the need for Dante™ enabled products to satisfy the requirement for extremely high-quality Audio-over-IP (AoIP) solutions for the high-end marine and residential markets.

nexgentec introduced their first products to fulfil that need and immediately raised the performance bar for such installations.

Since then, nexgentec has continued to engineer solutions that are more efficient in application, system design, size, and energy consumption. Their products guarantee not only the best digital sound quality, but also a leading-edge user experience. Proprietary software allows powerful features and functions to be fully controlled and customised across equipment located in every zone.

It has never been so easy to design a bespoke high-performance AoIP system. No source and zone restrictions or limitations and it’s ready to interface with your control system in the most efficient way. The nexgentec DSP super modules enable efficient design and deployment of nexgentec AoIP systems, featuring the highest levels of functionality and performance.