Industry-leading distributor, DbM, has announced a new partnership with the invisible speaker company, Amina. This distribution deal will provide DbM dealers access to a premium range of speakers that meet the increasing demand for hidden technology solutions.


“DbM is always looking at ways to make the lives of its integrators easy,” comments Barry Sheldrick, Director of Sales at DbM. “We have often been asked for an invisible solution and the market leader for that is Amina – they started the invisible category. Our complimentary brands and our proven track record of premium service, support and sales have put us in a good position to distribute Amina. We are delighted that cemented this relationship and can now offer our dealers Amina’s premium range of speakers.”

With the invention of VPT (Vibrational Panel Technology), Amina has been able to take the common loudspeaker design and replace the cone with a flat panel. Instead of moving forwards and backwards visibly like a typical cone design, a VPT panel uses small vibrations to generate sound which can be heard but not seen. This allows for seamless integration of a loudspeaker into any wall, ceiling or flat decorative panel with zero visual impact.


This new partnership slots into the DbM portfolio perfectly and opens the opportunity for Amina to work alongside other DbM distributed brands. The distributor is already showcasing this, as it will be offering its dealers custom EQ profiles for Amina’s invisible speakers and subwoofers that can be dropped into the nexgentec range of DSP amplifiers. This synergy means that invisible distributed audio can take a real leap forward in terms of tonal balance, control, timing and integration. The DbM design service are also trained and on hand to support integrators with designing and rolling out a whole home solution.

“Amina is delighted to be partnering with Barry and the whole team at DbM,” comments Richard Newlove of Amina. “They have an incredible offering of high performance, design appropriate technologies, with a hugely capable and already successful reach into the premium installation market.  

“Even though the market has been exposed to invisible audio reproduction technology – which Amina has shaped and championed for over twenty-two years – and while the trade is today very aware of the possibilities this technology offers, the vast majority of the global design community and end-user base is completely unaware that such technology exits.  The market for such products is therefore limited only by lack of exposure and not by demand or competition. In working in the UK with DbM, alongside our existing partner, Redline Distribution, as well as our expanding network of accomplished international partners, we are increasing the many channels needed to expose more and more influencers and users to this ground-breaking technology.”