Martins Hi-Fi, a specialist in high-end home cinema, smart home, and high-end hifi, has recently undertaken a transformation of its Norwich showroom’s home cinema demonstration spaces in collaboration with the award-winning distributor, DbM.

The room underwent a comprehensive overhaul, evolving from a previous 1920s-inspired art-deco cinema into a cutting-edge high-end environment that provides customers with an immersive audio-visual experience. This redesign allows them to visualise how the setup could seamlessly integrate into their own homes.

Elizabeth Gould, Director at Martins Hi-Fi, expressed their commitment to incorporating the very best and most flexible technology into this new project, highlighting the choice of Meridian loudspeakers, "We are Meridian’s longest-serving dealer, and for good reason. It is a great British brand, designed and built in the UK, featuring digital signal processing (DSP) technology, encompassing the entire electronics, including amplification."

With the opportunity to work with a blank canvas to create the Snug Home Cinema project, Martins Hi-Fi engaged the expertise of the DbM Design and Specification Service team to work alongside their in-house engineers and designers. Elizabeth emphasised the importance of this collaboration, stating, "It offered us a valuable service to help design the room and bounce design ideas between one another, ensuring the end results were a success."

Opting for the Performance option through the DbM Design and Specification Service, Martins Hi-Fi's new home cinema boasts a discreet yet powerful 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos audio setup, incorporating Meridian’s in-wall and in-ceiling architectural loudspeakers.

The front channel audio is delivered by three Meridian DSP640.2 in-wall loudspeakers discreetly positioned behind the screen, offering a hidden solution. Side and rear channel audio are handled by four Meridian DSP520.2 in-wall loudspeakers strategically placed for optimal coverage across all seating positions. Four Meridian DSP320.2 in-ceiling loudspeakers adhere to Dolby Atmos guidelines. Additionally, two Meridian DSW600 subwoofers, installed into the wall beneath the screen, enhance low-frequency notes.

These loudspeakers not only deliver exceptional sound quality but also create an auditory illusion, making the room sound larger than its physical dimensions. Furthermore, they contribute to reducing the size of the AV rack requirements. The absence of power amplifiers in the loudspeakers streamlines the setup and eliminates the need for rack ventilation.

The audio and video signals are processed by the Trinnov Altitude16 AV-Processor and converted to SpeakerLink by a Meridian 271 Digital Theatre Controller, allowing full Meridian DSP loudspeaker integration with non-Meridian processors.

Despite challenges, such as discovering a surprise brick pillar in an external wall uniquely brought up by the 300-year-old building, the team's ingenuity prevailed. Adjustments were made to the speaker layout, and innovative solutions, including Trinnov-based management features, were employed to seamlessly integrate the subwoofer into the surround and Atmos speakers.

In summary, Elizabeth said, "Our response to the project can be summed up in a few words: luxurious, immersive acoustics and cutting-edge technology. It has enabled us to demonstrate a room which shows our customers what they can achieve in their own homes.”

Final result

DbM Kit list fitted in The Snug Home Cinema

- 3 x Meridian DSP640.2 Digital Active Loudspeakers

- 4 x Meridian DSP520.2 Digital Active Loudspeakers

- 4 x Meridian DSP320.2 Digital Active In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

- 2 x Meridian DSW600 In-Wall Subwoofers

- 1 x Meridian 271 Digital Theatre Controller

- Trinnov Processor


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